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How To Apply For a Canadian visa from Kenya


Canada is one of the most sought-after destinations for many individuals from across the world. Especially in recent years, the country has been receiving a very large number of immigration applications, especially from people who are based in countries such as Kenya. If you are based in Kenya and have always dreamt of immigrating to Canada, then you have been wondering how to apply for a Canadian visa from Kenya, then this article is for you.

Have you met with a friend in a bar? The conversation leads you to ask them where to start. This is because you’ve been thinking about starting your Canadian visa application from Kenya. However, you haven’t been able to find the information you need online. The Kenyan embassies website on the go can be cumbersome and confusing at times.

This is where Canada Visas Online (CVI) comes in. CVI is an Expat Go online service that matches you with a local partner who will help you with the steps to apply for a Canadian visa from Kenya. With the help of CVI, you can begin the process online, get answers about some of the most commonly asked questions, find the forms you need, and plan your strategy for the best possible outcome.

How to apply for a Canadian visa from a non-native speaker country.

To obtain a Canadian visa, you should meet with a local representative (preferably a passport-issuing consular officer) at a Canadian Embassy or High Commission. However, it is always possible to apply for a Canadian visa from a non-native speaker country if you can speak at least some basic Canadian.

The most common way to meet a consular officer is upon arrival at your port of entry. You will then make an appointment for an interview with them. Of course, you don’t have to travel to Kenya to make your appointment. You can find the nearest Canadian Embassy or High Commission by visiting the Canada VISA Online Search.

Note: Unless you already have a Canadian passport, you’ll need to provide documentary and health care documentation.

Canada’s general requirements when it comes to health and security are administered through the Common Travel Document (CTD) Program.

Apply for a Business Visa from Kenya

For you to apply for a business Canadian visa from Kenya, you will need higher hands that can support you. that to say, you will need some high organizations or organizations that will back you up, secondly, you will need more than English and your native language to be approved. So you need at least one native Canadian native language for this.  You will also need to be loaded financially in other to be able to settle when you reach that country. These three requirements plus others can give you a 70% chance of getting approved. Therefore, while working on these three things, ensure that you are keeping all the necessary documents closer to you and on time.

Apply For a work visa

This is one of the hardest visas anyone can get outside Canada if you are not currently employed by a Canadian employer before coming into the country. So to apply to this, you must make sure that you search for a program that matches up with your skills and apply.  In this kind of visa, people with an academic degree do stand a better chance of getting accepted as long as they meet the criteria of the program they selected. This is one of the visas that are not a must to put your destination since you are not called by a Canadian employer but then, it is important that with your skills, that you choose a province that people with your skills are in demand and accepted. This will give you a chance of getting something done faster.

Apply for a visitor visa from Kenya

A visitor visa is one of the most common types of visas and allows you to travel to the country you’re applying to and remain there for a specified number of months. Visitor visas are usually valid for six months and allow you to travel freely during this time. You can only apply for a tourist visa once with one country, so don’t plan on trying to enter Canada using multiple entry visas.

Apply for a student visa from Kenya

A student visa is one of the fastest visas anyone who wants to travel out of his or her country can easily get approved. For international students, the most common student visa option is the F-1 visa, which is a non-immigrant visa for academic and cultural exchange. There are two main types of F-1 visas: the F-1 visa for academic students and the M-1 visa for vocational students.

The visa process generally takes between 30–90 days, and the keyword on your online application is “student.” Those who have accumulated three years (or their post-secondary institution’s equivalent) of study without disrupting their studies can also apply from outside of the U.S. in a post-secondary institution’s community.  To apply for a Canadian visitor or student visa from Kenya, simply fill out the online application and submit payment via PayPal.

Note: You can’t get a Canadian work visa from Kenya, but you can do other things to change your status while in Canada

If you want to live and work in Canada for an extended period, you’ll need to get a work visa and that can only happen if there is a Canadian employer that is interested to hire you for a position in their company.  If you cannot get a Canadian employer who wants to employ thereby helping you to obtain a work visa then just know that you can’t get a Canadian work visa from Kenya except someone employs you. But that notwithstanding, you can still have a chance by taking some steps which may help you and that is by;

1. Find a local job while in Canada. You can’t legally work in Canada (or keep a temporary job) without a work visa. So, you’re getting by, by hustling through local bars, hustling through writing articles, hustling through freelance marketing activities, and others.

Do not apply for a job while in Canada when you don’t have a working visa because that will only bring rejection and if care is not taken, you will land in trouble by the Law. Instead, use JobsDB to find a local job that you can do while living in Canada. Unfortunately, your Canadian employer won’t be able to find you a job without a work visa.

2. Get a work visa from the Philippines, Israel, and other Commonwealth countries while in Canada. Furthermore, you can apply for a Canadian student visa while here. Get yourself an Israeli work visa (it’s easy) and apply for a student visa from your home country. Once you’ve met the requirements, simply submit both of your applications for a Canadian visitor visa and let the airlines and Canadian immigration take care of the rest.

3. Take an unpaid Canadian visa course. Yes, you’re reading that correctly. You can take an unpaid Canadian visa course before you apply for a Canadian working visa. After the completion of the course, there is a possibility of getting accepted for a working visa in the country.

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