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How To Apply For A Canada Visa From Cameroon


Are you from Cameroon and you have been wishing to travel out of the country to Canada but just that you don’t know how to apply for a Canada visa from Cameroon? and with that, you think that maybe it is not the right time to travel yet? Then don’t worry because I’ve got you covered. One thing you need to know is that there is nothing like the right time and not the right time when preparing time meets with the appointed time. All that you need is to start preparing and that is where I come in.

In this article, I will not only guide you on the things that you need to apply for a Canada visa from Cameroon instead I will guide you through all that you need to know about Canada and also things that you need to understand about leaving your country to another man’s land. So if you are ready, then let’s continue;

What You Need To Know Before Applying For Any Visa

Before you apply for a visa to any country be it Canada or any, you must carry these few things in mind;

  1. Law: The Law of Canada is not the same as the one they have in Cameroon so don’t expect things to move the same way to moves in your country over there before is not possible.  Therefore to stay on the safe side, you must consider this before you apply for a visa. be sure that you are ready to adjust to adapt to the country’s do’s and the don’ts if you want to stay there.

2. Security: There are countries that security is not tight but not in Canada. For a country to be one of the most peaceful countries in the world, it means that they do not joke with the safety of their citizen.

Checking the security of the country is also important perhaps you don’t want to go and end up missing or dead in another man’s land. so make sure that you are okay with the country security before you relocate or immigrate there.

3. Foreign Relationship: This is necessary, there are countries where you will travel to that you end up regretting going there because of discrimination. Before going into any country ensure you research about the country and the relationship with foreigners or with your country’s people.

If you don’t know how to do this, just go to Google and type for an example ” How is life for Cameroons in Canada”, etc. This kind of keyword search will guide you through anything you want to know.   Going to a country that does not regard your countrymen means that it will take you a lot before you can get a job in that country or even fit in for an education. So the relationship matters.

4. Demanding Jobs: There are countries that you will go to as an engineer, and you will shine and there are countries that you will go and it will take you a lot before you can even be noticed by any company. Use your skills and search which country is after what you can offer and then go for it.  This will help you to make a living while staying in the country.

5. Tax: Maybe in your country, you were able to escape tax payment but it can’t be so in another country as they do not joke with their tax. For your safety and comfortable living in the country, your tax is needed. example; Electricity, Water, parking space, etc. There are a lot of others that you need to look out for before any other preparation but these are just one of the top five.

Why You Should Apply For Canada Visa From Cameroon

Do you need a place where you can live with your family peacefully while working or schooling? then this is one of the reasons you should choose Canada.  Canada has a lot of opportunities just like many other countries but then what makes them unique and different from those countries is their level of acceptance. Canada is one of the countries that do not mind about your skin color as long as you are eligible to enter or stay in their country. Making it in Canada as a foreigner is quite possible as long as you have a work permit. Canada accepts foreigners wholeheartedly and that makes it safe for anyone that wants to live there without being scared of being attacked by the community people.

Immigrating to Canada from Cameroon

Now that you know what you suppose to know about Canada and immigration, it is time we look into how you can apply for a Canada Visa from Cameroon.

  1.  What do they want from you: This is the most important step before applying for a visa. You need to know what option you are eligible for before you can take a step to apply.

Your eligibility determines if you will be accepted or not. that’s to say if you are not eligible, trying to apply is a waste of time because you won’t have positive feedback. To know what option you are eligible for, you should research it or visit the embassy for more info on what you need.

2.  Make a Choice of Program: When you confirm your eligibility, the next step is to choose the program that feeds you that you want to go with. You must take into consideration the program you are eligible for if you don’t want to waste your money and time because anyone that you are not eligible with but you apply, will be rejected. To avoid this, then you have to choose from the program that you know that you are eligible for and enroll in and on time.

3.  Your Documents:  It is not all the documents that will be needed from you once you start this process but you must keep them all check because it is better than rushing and running around because you were not prepared. So keep all the necessary documents closer to you at all times when you start to process your visa.

4.  Start Processing: Ensure that you check everything over and over again to avoid any error or mistake because as a result of any error, you will be rejected, so you should spend time and review your documents and arrangement over again. Once you have confirmed that everything is in place there is not an omission, it is time to start your visa application process at once. With this, it means that you are ready.

How Long Does It Take To Get Your Visa?

Getting a visa is not that easy but it depends on how prepared you were before you started your application. If you were completely prepared and you have what it takes, then there is a possibility of a month or more depending on which program option you are eligible for.  Some people use 6 months to a year plus, to process a visa so it depends on your program i.e the purpose of your traveling that will determine how fast you can be issued a visa.

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